About Me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley working with Prof. A. Paul Alivisatos . I received my PhD from Rice University advised by Prof. Matteo Pasquali in 2017. During my PhD I worked on an example of anisotropic nanomaterial building blocks, namely carbon nanotubes, and studied the entropy-driven self assembly of these building blocks into liquid crystalline phases in order to assemble them into macromaterials. As a postdoc, I am using chemical colloidal synthesis to develop inorganic nanomaterial building blocks with unique optoelectronic properties and integrate them into functional devices such as light emitting fibers.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest

My research interest lies at the interface of nanotechnology and soft matter. I aim to use nanomaterial building blocks and develop functional materials at the nano, micro and macro-scale.

  • Studying the pair-wise interactions of inorganic colloidal nanoparticles and its effect on the dynamic behavior at the nanoscale
  • Experimental and theoretical study to understand and design bottom-up organization of inorganic nanoparticles into ordered liquid crystalline phases

  • Fluid phase processing of nanomaterial building blocks into smart functional macroscale materials with targeted applications

Selected Publications

LEIF: Light emitting integrated fiber

Vida Jamali*, Farnaz Niroui*, Lauren W. Taylor, Oliver S. Dewey, Brent A. Koscher, Matteo Pasquali, A. Paul Alivisatos, In preparation

Self-assembly of carbon nanotubes into columnar phase at low concentrations revealed by small angle x-ray scattering

Vida Jamali, Francesca Mirri, Evan G. Biggers, Lucy Liberman, Paul van der Schoot, Yeshayahu Talmon, Fred C. MacKintosh, Matteo Pasquali, In preparation

Fluid phase ordering of charge-stabilized carbon nanotube solutions

Francesca Mirri*, Rana Ashkar*, Vida Jamali, Lucy Liberman, Robert A Pinnick, Paul van der Schoot, Yeshayahu Talmon, Paul D Butler, Matteo Pasquali, Macromolecules, (2018), 51, 17, 6892-6900.

Line tension of twist-free nematic liquid crystal microdroplets on flat solid surfaces

Vida Jamali, Evan G Biggers, Paul van der Schoot, Matteo Pasquali, Langmuir (2017), 33, 36, 9115-9121

Experimental realization of crossover in shape and director field of nematic tactoids

Vida Jamali*, Natnael Behabtu*, Bohdan Senyuk, J Alex Lee, Ivan I Smalyukh, Paul van der Schoot, Matteo Pasquali, Physical Review E, (2015) 91,4, 042507

Flexible and conductive fibers made from highly concentrated aqueous dispersions of carbon nanotubes

Laurent Maillaud, Robert J. Headrick, Vida Jamali, Julien Maillaud, Dmitri E. Tsentalovich, Wilfrid Neri, E. Amram Bengio, Francesca Mirri, Olga Kleinerman, , Yeshayahu Talmon, Philippe Poulin, Matteo Pasquali, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, (2018), 57, 10, 3554-3560

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vidaj (at) berkeley (dot) edu